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Mixed Triples - Teams

Marina Bowling Club Dawlish Mixed Triples - Teams


  • Teams 12 and 13 will play a preliminary match by 3rd July to leave 12 teams to play on 10th July.
  • The initial games in the competition will be on a league basis. Teams will be organised into 3 pools of 4 teams.
  • Rounds will be 8 ends or 1 hour max.
  • A bell will be rung on 55 minutes, if an end has not started it will not be played.
  • Measuring must not take too long otherwise ends will be lost. Skips to ensure that matches keep moving.
  • The 3 pool winners plus a pool runner up, the team with the highest points (& scores), will play in the semi final.
  • League matches will start at 10.00 and finish by lunchtime, each team will play 3 games.
  • The Semi Finals will start around 1415.
  • It is hoped that everyone will stay for the semi final matches to support and encourage the participants.
  • The schedule of play will be published on the day