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Club steward (09:40 – 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00).  The steward’s duties are:

·         Raise the club flag

·         Vacuum the clubhouse floor and men’s locker room

·         Wipe the tables

·         Empty the bins, if required, changing bin liners and take out for recycling

·         Clean the men’s toilet (basin and floor, etc.)

·         On match days – lay out the necessary equipment 20 minutes prior to the match

·         Collect green fees from visitors

·         If necessary order groundsheets to be put out or close the green

·         Before leaving:

o   Lower the flag and return to the kitchen shelf

o   Undertake a fire check

o   Ensure that the mobile phone is switched on and charging.

o   Check that all external doors are locked (including the toilet, equipment room and men’s locker room), windows are locked and curtains are closed.

·         Take waste home

·         See the men’s noticeboard for additional tasks

The steward is the Fire Safety Officer – (the assembly point is the main carpark).

Note that U18s and vulnerable adults need to be with 2 responsible adults (one male and one female) at all times.

If you find time to keep the green surrounds and ditches clear of stones – it will be greatly appreciated.

If a member is unavailable for an allocated duty then it is their responsibility to swap duties with someone else and update the rota which is kept in the men’s locker room.