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Competition Rules

If you wish to download a copy of these rules please use the link below.


1.       Entry lists will be displayed for all Club Competitions, along with a copy of the Club Competition Rules, on both the Ladies' and Men's Section noticeboards.  Entry lists will show closing date for entry, fees payable, confirmation of Finals dates, and indications of first round play-by dates.  Finals dates are also shown in the published Fixtures List, and Finals must be played on these dates.

2.       Members, who are aware that they will not be available for the Finals date for any competition, should not enter that competition. Members, who have entered any competition and subsequently find that they will not be available for the Finals date, should withdraw from the competition. If this should be from a pairs or triples competition and the pair/triple has not played a match, the Competition Secretary may arrange a substitution.

3.       The Competition Secretary shall arrange for the draws to be made at the first available Selection Committee meeting after the closing date.

4.       Draw sheets will be displayed as soon as possible after the draws have been made, along with handicap rankings.  It will be each member’s responsibility to check the draws to see whether and when they have to arrange games.

5.       Draw sheets will show the dates by which each round of each competition shall be completed.  Members shall make every effort to play their matches before the play-by date in order to minimise the chance of delay.

6.       The first-named member on the draw sheet is known as the Challenger.  The Challenger is responsible for arranging games up to the Finals.  The Challenger shall give their Opponent TWO alternative dates and times to play the game.  The Challenger will enter the agreed date for the game in the clubhouse diary and also arrange for a Marker for every singles match up to the Finals, for which Markers will be provided by the Selection Committee.

7.       Any member failing to turn up to play in an agreed game is automatically disqualified from that competition.

8.       If, in exceptional circumstances, a game cannot be played by the play-by date shown on the draw sheet for that round of the competition, this should be raised by the Challenger with the Competition Secretary as soon as it becomes apparent.  An extension may be allowed at the discretion of the Competition Secretary, depending upon the circumstances.  There will be a right of appeal against the Competition Secretary’s decision at the next available meeting of the relevant Selection Committee.

9.       Markers will maintain scorecards and scoreboards in singles games; skips in pairs and triples games.  In singles games, scorecards should be signed by both players.

10.     Scorecards should be placed in the scorecard box, and the winner’s name entered on the draw sheet for the next round game.

11.     If a player becomes unwell during a match and is unable to continue after ten minutes the match shall be resumed at a future date to be agreed between the players. If the unwell player cannot resume the match within the competition timeframe then he/she shall concede the match. This may be because they are still unwell or because the match was being played so close to the deadline that there is no time to rearrange.

12.     If weather conditions disrupt a match, and there is disagreement between players about continuing or suspending play, then the decision will be the responsibility of the Steward of the day, provided the Steward is not playing in the match. If the match is being played during Finals weekend then the decision shall be made by the Responsible Person for the day.

13.     Novice Shield

Open to members with up to 3 years outdoor bowling experience, who have not won a bowls competition; format 3 woods over 18 ends.

14.     Number of ends or shots:

a)      Singles matches – first to reach 21 shots or handicap target if applicable, with the exception that ladies 3 wood competition shall be played over 18 ends.

b)      Pairs matches – 21 ends.

c)      Triples matches – 18 ends.

15     Handicaps

a)      Men:  3 shots for each singles competition won during previous two years.

         1 shot for each singles competition when runner up during previous two years.

          6 shots for regular MDL player. 3 shots if played 3- 5 games.

         Ladies: 3 shots for each singles competition won during previous two years.

         1 shot for each singles competition when runner up during previous two years.

b)      There shall be a maximum handicap of 10.

c)      Application:  Add handicap difference to 21 for higher ranked player.

16.     Minimum entries

A minimum of 8 competitors will be accepted for any singles competition.

A minimum of 16 competitors will be accepted for any pairs competition.

A minimum of 8 teams will be accepted for any triples competition.

17.     General principles regarding delaying matches

Ill health – unavoidable, but shall require some indication of likelihood of being able to play, and a decision shall be made at the earliest opportunity by the Competition Secretary.

Holidays – matches should be played before going on holiday. The only possible exception shall be where a previous round match has been delayed because of ill health.

Weather – unavoidable, but wherever possible a maximum delay of one week.  If weather prevents a match being played, which then clashes with a holiday, circumstances shall be reviewed, with a possible exclusion if the match could have been played earlier.