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Important Information

Communication with members is through our clubhouse noticeboards and website; please keep an eye on these.  We regularly issue a newsletter to provide timely updates and news, which is circulated by email.

The Green is our most valuable asset. It is essential that the green is treated with care, and any misuse must be corrected. The main problems are divots being taken out by bad delivery, bowls being dropped and players running on the green. Such incidents should be dealt with in a courteous manner either by the Skip of the rink or the Steward of the day (during roll-ups).

Bad weather can lead the Green Manager to decide to close the green.  The current green status is available on the website and is updated daily.

Roll ups are generally available in the mornings or anytime the green is not booked. There is a small charge of £0.50p for tea or coffee and biscuits. All equipment used must be replaced and locked up after use.

Club competitions are arranged by the Competitions Secretary. We hope that as many members as possible will enter. The teams for Triples and Pairs competitions are drawn at random, so you do not need to find a partner to enter.

Dress must be correct for the respective matches as shown on the selection cards. As a guide, Club Shirts must be worn for all league matches, Devon county fixtures and any competitive match against other clubs.

White trousers or skirts with white or Club Shirts are worn for President’s day, Captain’s day, Club finals, Ladies League Matches as well as Tourist and Friendly matches.

Grey trousers or skirts with white or Club Shirts are worn for Club Day, Club Competitions (except finals), evening matches, and roll-ups. Members are requested to be smartly dressed for roll-ups. Tailored shorts with appropriate socks are permitted.

Club Day is an important part of our club life. We start bowling at 2:00pm and members wishing to play should arrive no later than 1:45pm. Put your name on the Captain’s list and pay a small fee, before changing, in order that the rinks can be organised for a prompt start. Rinks and teams are drawn at random; this will help you to get to know your fellow members.

Matches fall into one of three categories; Tourist (visitors), Friendlies (local teams on a home or away basis) and League. All are important to the Club. If you wish to play then add your name to the appropriate lists.  Lists are displayed in the clubhouse; ladies at the kitchen end and men at the opposite end. The selection committees endeavour to give all as many games as possible (including new players), but teams for league matches are selected from the Club’s best players.

If you are selected for a match, please make sure you tick your name off on the match selection card to show the Captain you are still available. 

It helps the Men’s Captain to know a player’s availability, so could players please enter in the Non-Availability Book, when they will be unavailable for selection. 

Match fees are £2.00p and covers tea or coffee and biscuitsThere will be a charge at Tourist and some Friendly matches to cover a drink for both yourself and your playing partner. This charge will be on the match selection card.

Member duties are undertaken to ensure the smooth running of the Club.  A description of the Ladies and Men’s (Stewards) duties can be found at the back of this booklet. The duty rotas are on display in the clubhouse and on the website.

After the rota lists are published, if you are unavailable you must arrange to swap with another member or inform the appropriate person. We ‘lose face’ if no teas are provided and revenue if no Steward is on duty.

Travelling expenses can be redeemed for away matches. A table of these expenses is displayed on the notice board. A Claims Form must be completed and submitted to the Treasurer.

Key Points of Contact

  • The Membership Secretary deals with subscriptions, locker and clubhouse keys.
  • Captains deal with matches.
  • General enquiries are dealt with by the Ladies’ and Men’s Secretaries.